This week, actually yesterday I launched . I had fun developing it and I expect to have fun running it.

It should bring value to advertising providing lifetime advertising for one time fee and also for users, give them chance to explore and discover new websites.

As time passes, should also help people improve their google rankings as they will be linked from this site.

I got a lot of comments already, some like the site, most people find flaws even when they like it, a few dislike it. I got some usefull feedback that was immediatelly implemented, so some of the criticism was addressed which was the reason why I monitored discussions related to my new site all night.

Anyway, there are very few sites in the database and there is plentu of visitors coming, right now is excellent time to get great deal by signing up and scooping all those visitors.


~ by Zeljko Dakic on April 5, 2006.

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