I like my Pandora

In surge of online apps call web2.0 there are a lot of media focused apps. There are apps that focus on pictures, music and video. In music segement, Last.fm is praised for it's social features and seems to be favorite of service reviewers like TechCrunch and like. I must admin that I never found it appealing, but I can see how if you are 13 would like to connect with kids that listen to same music. If that is what this site provide.

I like Pandora, http://www.pandora.com, genetic radio. What is cool about Pandora is that it doesn't play music you say you like, no, it plays music based on what you said you like and you create channels (stations) with examples of music you like.

Why is this great. Well for start, you don't listen to your already scratched and worn out cd's, but get to hear something new and maybe discover new bands that you might like.

While driving to pick my wife at work last year, I got hooked to System of a Down. It didn't happen immediatelly, they first irritated me and later I couldn't wait to hear that scream again. I liked them so much in the end I went to their concert and loved it.

I rediscovered Madonna through Pandora for example, not something you would  brag over I guess, but I really like her new album and I can't say I would listen to that otherwise.

So, have Pandora in your bookmarks and listen to it.


~ by Zeljko Dakic on April 6, 2006.

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