New breed of popups:Shutter and DOMInclude

If you are not at least a little bit irritated by popups, you either live in a remote island with no internet connection or there is something seriously wrong with you. 

Sometime apps need and have legitimate reasons for popups to show information to users and get their response without changing what is displayed. If you use popups, you can ran into problems of users either blocking them or even if they get to open, users can close them instictively.

On the app on which I am currently working, I would like user to be able to edit something using full form and yet not move from the page. I used smaller form on the right of the listings initially but this was not really a good way to go. Then I saw Shutter, very simple way of adding overlay 'window' while rest of your app is dimmed. I realized this is a way to go and have some pretty neat effects using it.

Today I discovered there is one more very similar javascript lib that can do the same (weeell, actually very similar) and it is called DOMInclude. While I am happy with Shutter and can see very good uses for it, DOMInclude has also a lot to offer, just it would make your app a little different then with Shutter.

As far as my app is concerned, it is already a little bloated with javascript a little and I wouldn't like to add more and new effects but both of these can significantly improve user experience while they are using your app and should be in your toolbox as developer.

Till next time, have better life through Ajax ! 


~ by Zeljko Dakic on April 12, 2006.

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