I am so thick (avoiding the S word)

Months ago every site, lead by online cheerleader TechCrunch were raving about Newswine. I checked the site, liked design but was not really clear what they want from me there, aside to provide news. I don't like to be interrupted when reading the news, so I concluded that it must be stupid site (exact words) and left it be. In coming days and weeks, when I would read about praise for Newswine, I would be frowning.

It took some time, and I could probably blame those same online cheerleaders for not explaining properly what site does, just talked fluff, so I didn't quite get it. Strangely, that fluff was omnipresent everywhere, or I am really reading just small selection of sources (might as well be).

Finally while reading Scobleiser, in one sentence was everything clear.

Is that IT ! Commenting on the news?

And probably other less significant features like earn money, I would take Squidoo anytime if I wanted to do that. OK now I get it and know what site would like to do. Weeell, not a big deal, probably a lot of money for them though and you have to give them credit for design, they had good one from the start.

Anyway, had to share this.



~ by Zeljko Dakic on April 15, 2006.

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