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While this scandal with Kevin Rose and Digg unfolds in blogs around the net, I was reading Gavin Cornwell blog which I found through really cool random blog feature, which incidentally is very similar to my very own and lovely .

Anyhow, Gavin posted his favorite tools online and while I always thought that start pages concept is interesting but weak, since although Protopage is great but I never use it, well, rarely… I really liked I really like their simple approach and blue. I was even surprised when I discovered that one link is for Settings, I would remove that, completely unncessary.

So I will try to give more page time in my browser and my list of favorites is here:


~ by Zeljko Dakic on April 20, 2006.

One Response to “Start Page anyone –”

  1. Hi,

    Just to let you know that I have moved my blog to my own hosted webspace, if you wish you can update the link in this post to

    Thanks for reference!

    Gavin Cornwell

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