Borland and Microsoft

Long, long time ago, aside from small people called Smurfs, Borland and Microsoft were competitors. And it was good time.

While Microsoft had clear vision on where to go and what to do, most of the time, Borland really had no clue what to do and seems that it was managed by uncertain people who were doing what some outside consultants would tell them without clear idea why are they doing this.

I can't but see how Microsoft with giving first Express edition tools for symbolic price and later for free is extremely similar to what made Borland succesfull. Let me remind you that Borland had been the first one to offer good compiler and IDE for $99. This is what made them popular, everyone was using Turbo C and Turbo Pascal, language that was obscure suddenly became mainstream. I bet developers still like to use Borland C++ Builder over many other tools because it is really very good and easy C++ environment. Delphi is sinking into obscurity although I think it is still has a lot to offer, for $99, not $999.

So while Microsoft grew and became larger and larger, instead of tough competition Borland was making a fool of themselves most of the time. That is their management did, developers were creating good tools.

I sincerely hope that Delphi and C++ and excellent Java Builder tools will be spinned off into separate company and really let them grow and flourish, and rest can be bought by Oracle or other company and can disappear from our sight and remind us how unsuccesfull they are.


~ by Zeljko Dakic on April 21, 2006.

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