Anarchy in USA

A movie I am now sorry that I have missed 'V for Vendetta' is actually more about V turned around, like 'A for Anarchy' . I have to see the movie and in the meantime, discover anarchistic elements in the movie here:

From organizational point of view, in the past, in businesses, there used to me more structured top-down hierarchy which was copied from the organization of the army. As time goes and business and their organization develops more, it is more going to structures that are flat, not very well structured, that empower individuals and give them a lot of flexibility. Same with anarchy. Will ever have it. Sure, it will probably not be known under such name. And when people discover it is superiour way of living, they will think this is something new.

Hah, that is life. 


~ by Zeljko Dakic on April 30, 2006.

One Response to “Anarchy in USA”

  1. As a followup, I saw the movie, it is really great, even the main protagonist … well I will not tell you this, but movie is really great.
    I understand now much better why the authors of the site complain that the political message of the story is watered down in the movie much. Still movie is consistent and tells consistent story.

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