Dislike Bears NOW !

New Bears player Ricky Manning Jr. lead attack on some poor guy in Denny's because this guy used laptop ?! and this irritated him as he saw this guy as a nerd.

And he is happy to be new Bears member, please use this URL and tell Bears how bad idea this is:



~ by Zeljko Dakic on April 30, 2006.

One Response to “Dislike Bears NOW !”

  1. OK here is my letter to Bears:

    Dear Bears,

    I love you and would love if you could be without that Ricky person who attacks people for typing on their laptops, hey I am typing it now. Let me check my back… Huh, no Ricky around, otherwise I would be in trouble.

    I made firm decision to not watch, visit, participate in any Bears event untill this person is around, and I will make sure all who will listen will know as well. Plus I will write on my blog, on forums…

    Chicago is too good city for such persons to be here and be Bears.

    Love you! (geekishly)

    Zeljko Dakic

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