Treatise on Rounded Corners

Dear reader,

enough importance cannot be put into topic of corner roundness. Not only corners need to be round in your designs but they need to be rounded in elegant and efficient way, to please the eye both when looking at rendered design as well as code.

One really simple and neat way of doing this is using Nifty Corners Cube found here

But if you really want to see beggining of the thought on this, you need to check A List Apart article on Sliding Doors tehnique here. Then you can fast forward to Nifty Corners Cube and as reference read original version article just to be aware of origins of that tehnique. For most part this should be enough. Hey I used them for Dakic OnLine design, which while good will soon be replaced.

One implementation that is also very good is RuzeeBorders, while I am personaly happy with Alessandro's Nifties, this looks promising way of rounding as well. You can find it here

There is EditSite implementation, it is simpler solution for simpler problems, so here it is. 

There are more, but these are probably best ways of rounding corners and will be good for at least a year or so. 

If you used something that is worth noting, or I missed something please leave a comment.


~ by Zeljko Dakic on June 6, 2006.

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  1. Design that was used for Dakic OnLine has been removed since but I plan to reuse it for some other purpose.

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