Ruby Imperfections

Elliotte Harold raises some good points about some of Ruby standards. You can read his list of 10 things he hates about ruby here .

In short, he notices some imperfections about Ruby, really valid point about constructor method called initialize for example, when you call it by . Coming from Java background he probably looks at some other Ruby constructs in wonder and amazement, but his points are valid and it would really be cool if Matz would one day stumble over his list, read it, decide it is a valid point and made changes for 2.0 for example. Just like that.

This of course is not likely to happen, but we can imagine how it would be if it could. Ruby overall is really pleasure to work with, Rails especially. It is a pain to install and setup on servers though, but that is another matter. Imagine just pure thrill of copying php file to server and it works, on it’s own.


~ by Zeljko Dakic on July 6, 2006.

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