Big and Small

I got a book from my partner Mike, “Getting Real” from 37 Signals.

Thanks Mike.

I’ve been reading it and I nod most of the time. I agree, completely. Common sense, condensed in a book.

So what it says is that we should keep things lean, be small to be agile, try to do things that matter and be passionate over our products and customers. All good things. Similar is what Seth Goodin writes in “Small Is New Big”, his blog is here.

This new trend is in a way desire of many to rethink how we work, find better and more effective solutions, but is also influenced a great deal with changes in social sphere, how business is made and greatly influenced by globalization, internet.
So, world changed and hence, how we do business and organize should change. Small is better because it can better adapt to rapid pace of changes. So far so good.

However there is one more type of business that benefited great deal from these trends.Very big business also flourished thanks to globalization, better communications, IT technology that enabled it to grow bigger than it would be possible without good IT for example. Suddenly planning on global scale is possible like never before. Teams in organization can communicate and work together even though they are on different continents.

So if you are very small or very big, future will be very favorable to you.


~ by Zeljko Dakic on August 30, 2006.

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