Goodbye AT&T, Hello EarthLink

While really happy with SBC Yahoo for a while, since moving to current apartment they lowered my speed to basic service and from that time on I was quietly complaining and looking for a way out. I would give them a call every month to check if they can upgrade my service, but no luck.

I really thought about it as a case of bad luck. Move to USA, a mother of Internet and have a chance to experience really cool speed. Then they switch you back to lower speed, which to be honest didn’t prevent me in any of my daily work tasks. Still, I was craving for more.

Last straw was a bill I received today. First rate went up, way up, far more then people with the 6Mb link are paying. Secondly, I had to pay for full two months. I gave them a call to clarify things. It is kind of shoting in the foot you know. First, I am off the hook in terms of contract, second, they are charging me soo much that it is begging for a change. It was not like I wouldn’t notice the bill I received today.

So we had family council. Discussed matter and made decision. Let’s take the best thing on the market, SpeakEasy. I gave them a call, we chatted for a while and when they did a check (which I performed several times in the past and gave them calls) I couldn’t believe my ears, they can offer me the same speed as AT&T, as they would go through them.

We almost reverted back to AT&T. What prevented me is that they didn’t offer me best rate,on the contrary, they were offering me some really insulting rate which was a little lower but higher then would new customers pay.

So we did a little more counceling and researching and gave a call to EarthLink. They assured me that they can give me 6Mb downlink, I think I asked them so many times to confirm that it sounded crazy. I also called COVAD, they are super professional if they say they can deliver 6MB, I trust them, and EarthLink goes through them. So COVAD asks for $100/mo+ and EarthLink $40 ($20 for first 3 months). Hmmm. Tough choice. Seriously. Still it is same link, same infrastructure. I would probably have static IP and more professional support with COVAD, but I didn’t have that with AT&T and went around that, so I guess it would be OK.

So, I will be offline around Tuesday and with a little luck, I will be online sometime next week. And again with a little luck, with such blazing speed that it would require both cores of my humble AMD processor.

Yipeee ! ! !


~ by Zeljko Dakic on September 5, 2006.

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