Delphi finally free ! ! !

If you been following site like I did, you would discover that Delphi is free. Free in sense that you can download it, but also free to be used for development.

As someone who always associated anything Borland, Delphi especially as superior way to develop apps, I was naturally thrilled to have it.

Installation is a pain, let me tell you. You can download Delphi, but you first need to register at Borland site. Then you download using some download client. Then you try to install it. Hey there are prerequisites. I have .Net framework 2.0 but I didn’t have 1.1 . So download that and install it. I accidentally installed plain and not SDK and it didn’t work.

Finally I clicked and had my Delphi install. Huh. All the controls are on their usual places and if you want to be honest, they changed names to some things but they essentially stayed the same, same in a great way.

I want to add one remark to install process, everything was custom made by Borland and not in a good way. Their website was something that was whipped up by someone who obviously didn’t spend much time on the internet. So regardless it is free, I think they should make this install and whole experience much cleaner act. I don’t think that anything happening in Borland can be used as excuse for waiting to do anything about it. Oh and registration… don’t get me started…

So, with this details out of the way, I have Delphi up and running on my machine. I liked controls on top but they changed that and I tried to move them up but they didn’t want to do that. OK, aside from that, Delphi even if it is a little outdated is still extremely cool way to develop apps. And when we are at it, Turbo C++ is somewhere where I can write C++, anything else, you can forget me writing C++, I have a life to live.

If I find any excuse to develop desktop app, I will definitely give Delphi a whirl. I didn’t do anything in 2 years but I don’t think my abilities there are diminished in any way.

For start, one of the places where Delphi can be used successfully is as interface for MySQL database or PostgreSQL.


~ by Zeljko Dakic on September 6, 2006.

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