Offline life – continued

I am still offline. Activation date for my dsl line came and went. Nothing happened. It turns out a part died, essential for me getting dsl. So complex is the part that it requires almost a full week to be replaced. Huh.

In other news, I am doing most of my work on laptop which has Thunderbird as a mail client and it sucks big time. You wouldn’t think exchanging emails should be a problem, but this thing has trouble retaining emails after it receives them. You open your inbox and there is nothing inside, and this is not due me using some GTD tehnique, o no. I never used it more seriously and now find Thunderbird very undependable and not at all suited to any email task. Gmail, Yahoo and especially Hotmail are far better alternatives and more reliable. That is when you have internet link.

You would think as software developer that I don’t need this much internet while working. It turns out that everything is linked and sw development without knowledge base of internet, versioning server, staging server is suddenly very hard. And when you make something, since I upload through wireless, for some reason ftp dies after each file, so it takes forever. I don’t know how we lived before.

These just some of the issues I am getting. One great thing is that I don’t have that many distractions and can focus more easily on ideas and work I have.


~ by Zeljko Dakic on September 20, 2006.

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