Good, Bad and Ugly Agile

I ran across rather lengthy article about agile methodologes and why they such and which approach doesn’ suck.  This guy works at Google and apparently have a lot of time to write to his blog… which reminds me that there are quite a number of Googlers that write long posts to their blog, as oposed to MS where people usually have work to do. Hey they even have customer service at MS, as oposed to GCorp.

Anyhow, he makes some good point on Agile approach and I especially like queue model of sw development. It makes a lot of sense and I use something similar, even though I write on index cards sometime.

One thing he is right is that no-one does pair programming, which is a shame because I found this very useful, when I can catch someone to sit with me and develop in turns. In fact my productivity would soar dramatically when doing pair programming. Some other practices like writing tests, honestly seem like waste of time, but it might be just me.

Here is a link to full article, worth the read.

~ by Zeljko Dakic on September 28, 2006.

One Response to “Good, Bad and Ugly Agile”

  1. Actually when I think about it, I do a lot of pair programming and this is as I said, usually very productive sessions. I just do them over IM with other developers.

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