Tech Cocktail

Tech Cocktail is in it’s second happening and it is already getting shape of regular event.

I would have to say that I found Chicago Beta somewhat better organized in terms of how people got to show off their projects, which for me seems like focal point of these events. Also they had that video on with 60sec pitches. I think they were trying to do something similar with that liquid video thing but we had to leave early so I am not completely sure what that was all about.

All other aspects of organization were superior, we had food and drinks for free, pizza and those small kebabs were great as well as other food. We meet and mingled with all of the people in Chicago who are doing something. There were a lot of interest in our project BlipNut as I told people it will be launched at that date, but unfortunatelly we had to postpone this for few weeks. Still amount of positive energy overall was really great and impressive.

What I expect that a lot of people will get from these events is that they will be inspired with what others are doing, they will get encouragement from others who like their work (hey and also can find people who can help them out or people who need their help.

And we took pictures. I will post them probably, sometime, maybe. But it was nice, we had great time and I am really happy to see that many people working and doing things.


~ by Zeljko Dakic on October 13, 2006.

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