Taking care of Business

I’ve been listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive for whole week, mostly this notable song. Also one more song was prominent this week, it was Will Smith ‘Miami’. My wife was like: ‘Since when we started to listen Will Smith?’ with puzzlement. Well, future will tell about Miami, and no I am not moving there. In fact by the direction of our next move, it would be more appropriate to listen to ‘Take me to the Ballpark…’ .

Anyway, business is important thing. We started our small enterprize June 1st, and it’s been good so far. We have great ideas, grand plans and everything so far was pretty much good. I noticed that there are few things we could improve, so we will working on making processes work well, specially while we are still small and all the changes are really easy to implement.

I found one website that I really enjoyed reading and I would like to share this here …. if I could remember it’s url… ok faithfull del.icio.us saves the day.


A lot of really interesting articles, short reads, so not much time is wasted. Views that are close to reason and resonate well with me and my attitudes. Good writing style ‘Dude’ .

~ by Zeljko Dakic on December 3, 2006.

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