Hello Microsoft

I had interesting phone call tonight.

First guy calls, I answer, wrong number. He asks in the end, ‘Is this Microsoft’, I laugh ‘ That was a good one, sorry no.’.

Phone rings minute later, same guy. I pick up, expain that he probably has a wrong number. He assures me that he has a good number and then says that my number is listed on microsoft.com as a number to call to get free support till certain date. I try to explain that it isn’t likely but he insists. (BTW my number without area code starts with 866 and he forgot to put 1 in front).

‘OK’ – I say – ‘so what is the problem’. He can’t believe. Will I be able to help him, he asks? Sure, I am confident, ‘if you got Microsoft on the phone, what would you ask them?’.

He tells me really simple problem (boy those guys have to do all kind of silly things). It goes through my mind that someone is doing a prank call on me, but I can’t recognize the voice. I mean I don’t have many friends who wouldn’t know how to put back ‘Internet Explorer’ icon back on the desktop. Seriously.

So I open my laptop, verify he has same WinXP as me, and slowly guide him to solution. He couldn’t believe, maybe I should have asked to restart machine, I bet those support guys do that just for kicks.  Anyway, he is in disbelief about whole situation, his icon is back where it should be in no time.

‘WHO ARE YOU?’ –  he asks.

So I explain about my number and how I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. He can’t believe. ‘I am just Chicagoan, with Belgrade background’ I think to myself.

He was pleased because he got his solution in very short time. I was pleased, my small Dakic OnLine got to play Microsoft succesfully for 10 mins. Universe found it’s balance again.

~ by Zeljko Dakic on December 19, 2006.

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