PopFly – Microsoft finally does something great

Most of the world still yawns at Windows Vista, which honestly is really good but not worth the money they are asking, some other people at MS were busy working on really simple and great product.

PopFly is new service that is still in Alpha and I would love to get an invite (to use Kevin Rose move). Did I say I would love to get an invite?

Anyway, it is great product, really simplifies creating of mashups, makes whole process visual and also ads some code, which I suspect will show it’s full power very soon. What is even more interesting, it actually features Microsoft’s new technology Silverlight that is made to complement Flash (isn’t that put politely or what) for making Rich Internet Apps. Some features of Silverlight make it very appealing for developers as it will support number of .Net languages, as well as Python and Ruby if I understood it correctly.

Again PopFly is really great, I assume hosting that app will produce server problems and I will monitor to see how MS people will deal with it, but overall great product and has great future potential and growth. This is one of the apps that you wish you were somehow responsible making it. I was thinking for a long time along similar lines of Yahoo Pipes or now MS PopFly. I was of course thinking on something much smaller and simpler. Both of them are great products, Pipes are now ahead as they are working product but PopFly has probably more potential of growth. If people associate it with Silverlight, I think this technology will have great future.

~ by Zeljko Dakic on May 19, 2007.

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