Reason to get custom software

It might be obvious, however as makers of custom software we are often faced with people who are trying to avoid to pay the full price, usually by using or trying to use off the shelf software for things it was never intended to be used.

Sometimes it can be great. On good example is when you use blog software as CMS for simple site. It has a lot of sense to use that and it can only make site better. There are other / most occasions when this is not the case and when I see companies and enterpreneurs trying to use sw and trying to rationalize why this is ok. It is not. Business needs custom software and people like us at Dakic OnLine are perfect when you need that kind of services, mostly because we have a lot of experience in both commercial ie. Microsoft tools and open source one and we can use ones that are perfectly matching your business goals.

Anyway, reason for writing this is actually that one of my favorite online places has a piece on why business need custom software.

Please read on at Trizle – When Your Company Needs Custom Software

~ by Zeljko Dakic on May 19, 2007.

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