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Image says it all:

Sufice to say, we at Dakic OnLine are trying to make a difference.

Scrybe is neat

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I signed up with new service . Actually I let them have my email and when invite came, I completely forgot what the service is all about. After few days of procrastrination I finally signed up.

Initially I was not overly impressed, a calendar, with neat ajax effects. It doesn’t have weekly view. I started adding my daily to-do list to see how will things work out. The more I used it, the more I liked it. In the end I clicked on PaperSync option and got to printout, wow. Now I remembered why I signed up for service in the first place. That is really neat option. All your things you have are printed in really neat way. I could scribble on it and then later enter it. Really, really nice. refresh continued

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I thought I was done yesterday, but no. After Emil design magic, it was time to add some code to make site smart, as it is pretty.

I added some neat effects I think people might be interested in and overall are good thing to have on your site.

For start, it recognizes where you are coming from. Yes, that is right, it recognize from which site you are visiting us. This will be expanded very soon, but for now, if you come from design site or software site you will end up in services. I intend to add more relevant pages and direct people there.

Also if you come from google, you will end up in services page. Maybe profile would be more appropriate?

Also news are now changing and bringing a little life in otherwise rather static site. I used JQuery based InnerFade to accomplish this. refresh

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Today Emil and I finished refresh. Overall look and layout stayed the same, what we changed is that we removed big headings. I really liked those but they were not constant and they took too much of page space and we needed space for submenu as I would like to increase content on the site.

This is something he did few weeks ago but there were details missing here and there and yesterday we started with nailing and polishing last details, and today we were able to finish it up and publish.

This is not all that I plan for our site, but this is majority and few other features I would like to add will be things I can do on my own. As usual Emil did a great job.

Take a look at

Hello Microsoft

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I had interesting phone call tonight.

First guy calls, I answer, wrong number. He asks in the end, ‘Is this Microsoft’, I laugh ‘ That was a good one, sorry no.’.

Phone rings minute later, same guy. I pick up, expain that he probably has a wrong number. He assures me that he has a good number and then says that my number is listed on as a number to call to get free support till certain date. I try to explain that it isn’t likely but he insists. (BTW my number without area code starts with 866 and he forgot to put 1 in front).

‘OK’ – I say – ‘so what is the problem’. He can’t believe. Will I be able to help him, he asks? Sure, I am confident, ‘if you got Microsoft on the phone, what would you ask them?’.

He tells me really simple problem (boy those guys have to do all kind of silly things). It goes through my mind that someone is doing a prank call on me, but I can’t recognize the voice. I mean I don’t have many friends who wouldn’t know how to put back ‘Internet Explorer’ icon back on the desktop. Seriously.

So I open my laptop, verify he has same WinXP as me, and slowly guide him to solution. He couldn’t believe, maybe I should have asked to restart machine, I bet those support guys do that just for kicks.  Anyway, he is in disbelief about whole situation, his icon is back where it should be in no time.

‘WHO ARE YOU?’ –  he asks.

So I explain about my number and how I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. He can’t believe. ‘I am just Chicagoan, with Belgrade background’ I think to myself.

He was pleased because he got his solution in very short time. I was pleased, my small Dakic OnLine got to play Microsoft succesfully for 10 mins. Universe found it’s balance again.

iPerfect 10

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One of main reasons for us coming to US is internet. Really. I just moved to new place and again we went through agony of waiting for connection to be established.

Here is one hint for people when they move: Move close to AT&T buildings.

What I got is beyond words. Perfection in it’s own. Perfect internet connection, full speed up and down. There is no consumer DSL link that offers any byte on top of what we are getting now.

For start I experienced download speeds around 550K (no compression).

Not only this link is perfect, but it doesn’t cost much and due to some shrewd business decision on side of AT&T, it doesn’t come with yearly contract. So at the moment this is as good as it gets.

I am really happy we moved away from Earthlink, even though I didn’t have any compliaints on them, just that whenever I called support they couldn’t hear me or me hear them, and they were not capable of helping me much.

Conversaton with designer

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Me: How to resolve following problem….?

Emil: This is resolved elegantly.

Emil: If you know.

Emil: If you don’t know.

Emil: You should ask master Emil.

Emil: As he is in the know.

And this is my life.

Taking care of Business

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I’ve been listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive for whole week, mostly this notable song. Also one more song was prominent this week, it was Will Smith ‘Miami’. My wife was like: ‘Since when we started to listen Will Smith?’ with puzzlement. Well, future will tell about Miami, and no I am not moving there. In fact by the direction of our next move, it would be more appropriate to listen to ‘Take me to the Ballpark…’ .

Anyway, business is important thing. We started our small enterprize June 1st, and it’s been good so far. We have great ideas, grand plans and everything so far was pretty much good. I noticed that there are few things we could improve, so we will working on making processes work well, specially while we are still small and all the changes are really easy to implement.

I found one website that I really enjoyed reading and I would like to share this here …. if I could remember it’s url… ok faithfull saves the day.

A lot of really interesting articles, short reads, so not much time is wasted. Views that are close to reason and resonate well with me and my attitudes. Good writing style ‘Dude’ .

Unlike humans, a ruby object can change its genes

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Says Mancy.

Tech Cocktail

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Tech Cocktail is in it’s second happening and it is already getting shape of regular event.

I would have to say that I found Chicago Beta somewhat better organized in terms of how people got to show off their projects, which for me seems like focal point of these events. Also they had that video on with 60sec pitches. I think they were trying to do something similar with that liquid video thing but we had to leave early so I am not completely sure what that was all about.

All other aspects of organization were superior, we had food and drinks for free, pizza and those small kebabs were great as well as other food. We meet and mingled with all of the people in Chicago who are doing something. There were a lot of interest in our project BlipNut as I told people it will be launched at that date, but unfortunatelly we had to postpone this for few weeks. Still amount of positive energy overall was really great and impressive.

What I expect that a lot of people will get from these events is that they will be inspired with what others are doing, they will get encouragement from others who like their work (hey and also can find people who can help them out or people who need their help.

And we took pictures. I will post them probably, sometime, maybe. But it was nice, we had great time and I am really happy to see that many people working and doing things.

DreamHost and uptime

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Anyone who read my blog knows I had huge problems with DreamHost . They didn’t really move much until I started posting uptime log (or better downtime log) which showed how bad their service actually was. I guess someone of techs saw that and realised how bad it is.

Now I am on new server, I have fantastic uptime and everything is great.  In fact, one of my worries was that I will not be able to use DH for some of my projects. Now that they are performing this good is perfect time to hurry up and make those projects running.

Good, Bad and Ugly Agile

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I ran across rather lengthy article about agile methodologes and why they such and which approach doesn’ suck.  This guy works at Google and apparently have a lot of time to write to his blog… which reminds me that there are quite a number of Googlers that write long posts to their blog, as oposed to MS where people usually have work to do. Hey they even have customer service at MS, as oposed to GCorp.

Anyhow, he makes some good point on Agile approach and I especially like queue model of sw development. It makes a lot of sense and I use something similar, even though I write on index cards sometime.

One thing he is right is that no-one does pair programming, which is a shame because I found this very useful, when I can catch someone to sit with me and develop in turns. In fact my productivity would soar dramatically when doing pair programming. Some other practices like writing tests, honestly seem like waste of time, but it might be just me.

Here is a link to full article, worth the read.

Windows Live Writer

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 This is really nifty tool. I heard about it before but this is first time that I actually use it. It is cool as it does well spell checking. WordPress does have spell checking to a degree, but MS does this better.

It also simplifies your life a lot by having simple Word like tools to put pictures and even maps. I think this tool can make me write more. I would often write if I don’t have to type whole url and login into weblog. Not that I can’t add bookmarklet but my toolbar is already too busy with links to other ‘stuff’.

As experiment, I am adding picture of one of recent sites Dakic OnLine made.

If I bought an Apple iBook

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I didn’t have internet for almost full three weeks recently. I was really dependent on my laptop all that time. Apple laptops are really nice, pretty and very functional… well to a point which I am getting to.

Since I was dependent on wireless and doing a lot of my work on laptop, I really needed to setup it so it will work easily with my development work.  My Dell XPS laptop can work for almost 7 hours. Now, some of that work is in Rails, some is in Visual Studio. First part should be fairly easy to replicate on Mac, other impossible.

So to answer my question, if I bought an Apple iBook, I would be scr…. during this time.

As a conclusion, it would be nice to have it as a second laptop. One Ubuntu one would also be cool…. which I can setup here …. he, he, he…

Offline life – continued

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I am still offline. Activation date for my dsl line came and went. Nothing happened. It turns out a part died, essential for me getting dsl. So complex is the part that it requires almost a full week to be replaced. Huh.

In other news, I am doing most of my work on laptop which has Thunderbird as a mail client and it sucks big time. You wouldn’t think exchanging emails should be a problem, but this thing has trouble retaining emails after it receives them. You open your inbox and there is nothing inside, and this is not due me using some GTD tehnique, o no. I never used it more seriously and now find Thunderbird very undependable and not at all suited to any email task. Gmail, Yahoo and especially Hotmail are far better alternatives and more reliable. That is when you have internet link.

You would think as software developer that I don’t need this much internet while working. It turns out that everything is linked and sw development without knowledge base of internet, versioning server, staging server is suddenly very hard. And when you make something, since I upload through wireless, for some reason ftp dies after each file, so it takes forever. I don’t know how we lived before.

These just some of the issues I am getting. One great thing is that I don’t have that many distractions and can focus more easily on ideas and work I have.